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Chocolate! Our Favourite Food, Rite?


Nothing special about me..still learning ba..i took this pic at UMS wit webcam..sori cz it didnt luk nice..hehe..:p

Here i wanna ask to my viewer..What is this?


If u all wanna guess it, pls put some comment at my comment space..i appreciatiate you all comments..hehe..:p

From 06082008 to 18122009 it was about our moment be together..during the 1 year 4 months and 12 days..many thing we have done..but i know the most was sadness..eventhough all of this break was sudden being made and i also get shock heard about it..maybe it will bring us some sign of goodness as just to be a friend..i dont blame of you..this as our fault by not caring much toward our relationship..i dont act as a bf that as much you expect and want..because i always buzy by doing all my works..em, it was not use writing long words about us anymore rite..em, just wish you gud luck for ur study and be happy with ur beloved family..god bless you friend..

No more Were In Momories..


banner simple ja

Ni kami rang punya banner..Puan Zaiton penyalaras BAFIN yang kasi rasmi..

member2 pelaksana programe

penat kami ari tu tapi ni la kerja..

geng2 BAFIN..hppy sgt oo..

main pasir..jom..


bergaya ba dorang ni..eee..tapi ni la team aku ari tu..

alfrie, anthony, ho ching, sia n melvin.. 

jejaka2 BAFIN ni..harapan UMS..hehe..inda ba..tapi ni la coursemate aku..

ui, jgn berasak2 ba..

haha..ui Mel..kenapa mata ko tu? tapi aku pun sama oo..da technical problem ni..

pa tu ar?

ba ni ja la aku dpt post..bye2 Melinsung..


Kuala Penyu is just a small town..but got many intersting place at Pulau Tiga Resort, Sawangan Beach, Tempurung Beach and so on la..hehe..i know KP is my hometown..quite bored to be there if we dont have frend to meet and talk..

the-old-shopsa-view-of-kp other place sure didnt have like KP old shop rite..this is my frend say from KK said “Old Schoold Place” quite lonely oo..


the sign of Kuala there, many place got turtle rock..the biggest one is on round about (the road circle) near with my primary school that is SMK Kuala Penyu at Kg. there got three rock turtles because at that road circle got three junction..the one is to Menumbok, Beaufort and, wanna see the the rock of, let go there..just 2 hours from KK..hehe..


this accident was occurred after the English mass had, many people was come to see what is actually has happen after get heard some accident sound on in front of Sacred Hearth road way..have u ever saw some accident b4?


very tense oo during that time..i oso got shock after saw the car was rotate many times..the sound of that accident was very scary me..but, thanx to God cz the victim of that accident was save..just got a bit injury..


see the both of that bus’s tyre..hehe..spilted already 00^^ be carefull ya..actually this bus i owez follow it go church at weekend..u know..during that time, i was in that bus funny..1st time i got saw this case..thnx to god cz i was save..




Here got some view that i had catch on my last trip to kundasang..em, very cool oo there..til i get sleep early oo..n at there i force to wearing a thick blanket oo..force switch off the fan..em,very not comfortable oo..but at early morning..i can c the mount of kinabalu infornt of my eyes..really beautiful oo..

Kinabalu Famous Song!



Christmas History –

The history of Christmas dates back over 4000 years. Many of our Christmas traditions were celebrated centuries before the Christ child was born. The 12 days of Christmas, the bright fires, the yule log, the giving of gifts, carnivals (parades) with floats, carolers who sing while going from house to house, the holiday feasts, and the church processions can all be traced back to the early Mesopotamians.


Many of these traditions began with the Mesopotamian celebration of New Years. The Mesopotamians believed in many gods, and as their chief god – Marduk.


Each year as winter arrived it was believed that Marduk would do battle with the monsters of chaos. To assist Marduk in his struggle the Mesopotamians held a festival for the New Year. This was Zagmuk, the New Year’s festival that lasted for 12 days.


The Mesopotamian king would return to the temple of Marduk and swear his faithfulness to the god. The traditions called for the king to die at the end of the year and to return with Marduk to battle at his side.


To spare their king, the Mesopotamians used the idea of a “mock” king. A criminal was chosen and dressed in royal clothes. He was given all the respect and privileges of a real king. At the end of the celebration the “mock” king was stripped of the royal clothes and slain, sparing the life of the real king.


The Persians and the Babylonians celebrated a similar festival called the Sacaea. Part of that celebration included the exchanging of places, the slaves would become the masters and the masters were to obey.


Early Europeans believed in evil spirits, witches, ghosts and trolls. As the Winter Solstice approached, with its long cold nights and short days, many people feared the sun would not return. Special rituals and celebrations were held to welcome back the sun.


In Scandinavia during the winter months the sun would disappear for many days. After thirty-five days scouts would be sent to the mountain tops to look for the return of the sun. When the first light was seen the scouts would return with the good news.


A great festival would be held, called the Yuletide, and a special feast would be served around a fire burning with the Yule log. Great bonfires would also be lit to celebrate the return of the sun. In some areas people would tie apples to branches of trees to remind themselves that spring and summer would return.


The ancient Greeks held a festival similar to that of the Zagmuk/Sacaea festivals to assist their god Kronos who would battle the god Zeus and his Titans.


The Roman’s celebrated their god Saturn. Their festival was called Saturnalia which began the middle of December and ended January 1st. With cries of “Jo Saturnalia!” the celebration would include masquerades in the streets, big festive meals, visiting friends, and the exchange of good-luck gifts called Strenae (lucky fruits).


The Romans decked their halls with garlands of laurel and green trees lit with candles. Again the masters and slaves would exchange places. “Jo Saturnalia!” was a fun and festive time for the Romans, but the Christians though it an abomination to honor the pagan god. The early Christians wanted to keep the birthday of their Christ child a solemn and religious holiday, not one of cheer and merriment as was the pagan Saturnalia.


But as Christianity spread they were alarmed by the continuing celebration of pagan customs and Saturnalia among their converts. At first the Church forbid this kind of celebration. But it was to no avail. Eventually it was decided that the celebration would be tamed and made into a celebration fit for the Christian Son of God.


Some legends claim that the Christian “Christmas” celebration was invented to compete against the pagan celebrations of December. The 25th was not only sacred to the Romans but also the Persians whose religion Mithraism was one of Christianity’s main rivals at that time. The Church eventually was successful in taking the merriment, lights, and gifts from the Saturanilia festival and bringing them to the celebration of Christmas.


The exact day of the Christ child’s birth has never been pinpointed. Traditions say that it has been celebrated since the year 98 AD. In 137 AD the Bishop of Rome ordered the birthday of the Christ Child celebrated as a solemn feast. In 350 AD another Bishop of Rome, Julius I, choose December 25th as the observance of Christmas.


In the late 300’s, Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire. By 1100, Christmas had become the most important religious festival in Europe, and Saint Nicholas was a symbol of gift giving in many European countries. During the 1400’s and 1500’s, many artists painted scenes of the Nativity, the birth of Jesus. An example of these works appears in the Jesus Christ article in the print version of The World Book Encyclopedia.

The popularity of Christmas grew until the Reformation, a religious movement of the 1500’s. This movement gave birth to Protestantism. During the Reformation, many Christians began to consider Christmas a pagan celebration because it included nonreligious customs.
During the 1600’s, because of these feelings, Christmas was outlawed in England and in parts of the English colonies in America. The old customs of feasting and decorating, however, soon reappeared and blended with the more Christian aspects of the celebration.
Pictures of X’mas

The Funniest of Santa Claus


The Tree of X’mas within Candle Light


X’mas Decoration Arts..:p


Merry X’mas 2008 & Happy New Year 2009


A Comic’s Cartoon about X’mas


A Kitty Wish to Us X’mas..


The Blue of X’mas


Candle of X’mas Tree..


Love’s God..X’mas is God


To All My Fellow Friend..Hppy X’mas 08 n Hppy New Year 09



Joo Yoo Rin is an imposter, proficient in English, Chinese, and Japanese, while Seol Gong Chan is the second generation heir of a big corporation. Because of his grandfather’s illness, he asks Yoo Rin to act as his long-lost cousin so that his grandfather’s last wish can be fulfilled. So therefore, they are both bound in a lie that no-one in the family knows the truth of.


Gong Chan’s charming and intelligent ex-girlfriend, Kim Sae Hyun, dreams to become a world-famous tennis star with the nickname “Sharapova of Korea”. She leaves Korea and her boyfriend Gong Chan to fulfill her dream. Upon returning to Korea after winning the title, she works hard at getting back with Gong Chan, thus causing both she and Yoo Rin to compete for Gong Chan’s affection.


To make matters more complicated, womanizer Seo Jeong Woo, who is Gong Chan’s best friend, falls for Yoo Rin and finally learns to love that special someone despite being an “accomplished” playboy.



pic of mygirl

More Story About MyGirl Drama

Joo Yoorin (Lee Da Hae) is a tour guide in a small company in charge of running mini tours in the Jeju Island of South Korea. Her father is a gambling addict, but despite all the debts that he runs up, Yoorin always finds a way to help repay them. She leads a below-average life but is happy as long as she has her dad around her. Because of her father’s gambling ways, she has had to move from country to country whenever her father runs from one place to another to avoid their debtors. This has in turn brought her the ability to converse fluently in Chinese and Japanese, which are of great help as a tour guide whenever she has to entertain tourists from China and Japan.


Seol Gongchan (Lee Dong Wook) is the only heir of the owner of L’Avenuel Hotel, which is one of the top hotels in Korea. His grandfather, Seol Woong, charges him with the duty of finding his granddaughter, who is also Gongchan’s cousin. Seol Woong had disowned his own daughter, Gongchan’s aunt, when she decided to marry a man not of his choice. However, when Seol Woong had a change of heart and wished to accept his daughter back, an earthquake struck where his daughter lived, and since then, he has lost all contact with his kin and perhaps the chance to make amends for his own stubbornness, to take care of his granddaughter and hopefully make things right.

my girl

Kim Seohyun (Park Si Yeon) is the girlfriend of Seol Gongchan. A rising star in the tennis world, she returns to Korea to look for Gongchan as she cannot forget him.

Seo Jung Woong (Lee Jun Ki) is the son of one of the main shareholders of L’Avenuel Hotel and also the best friend of Seol Gongchan. Unlike Gongchan who is responsible and hardworking, Jung Woong is a flirt who is known to have many girlfriends.

yoo rin

The story starts with Yoorin rushing to the airport. She is helping her friend delay a flight so that the tourists of her friend will not miss their flight. Out of ideas, she plays a damsel in distress, who is apparently mourning her impending death and her dying wish to see her boyfriend who is apparently on the flight. And so after much crying and the entire airport empathizing with her, she gets to get on board the plane to look for her boyfriend who never really existed. As she walks, she realizes she cannot find anyone and pretends to faint. Alas, she faints beside the seat of our male lead, Seol Gongchan, who knows a liar when he sees one. Although their first encounter is weird, it doesn’t leave much of an impression in each other’s mind.


Later, however, when Gongchan has to entertain a bunch of Chinese visitors and realizes he has no translator, he engages the services of Yoorin coincidentally and through Yoorin, his potential Chinese investors have a great time at the L’Avenuel Hotel branch in Jeju, and Yoorin has much credit to claim for it.

After a series of comical events including Yoorin staying at his hotel lodge without paying, and Yoorin selling his hotel fruityard’s oranges to make a small profit (to clear her father’s debts again), Gongchan’s impression of Yoorin is one of a cheat and he would want to do anything to distance himself from her.


But then word from mainland Korea is that his grandfather is dying and at his bedside, Seol Woong, through his respirator, can only meekly repeat that he must not and cannot die until he sees his granddaughter again.

Driven by desperation and his love for his grandfather, Gongchan will do anything to ease his burden. When pointed out by his secretary that Yoorin bears a resemblance to his aunt, Gongchan hatches a plan to pass off Yoorin as his grandfather’s long-lost granddaughter whilst he carries on searching for the real one.


Yoorin, who is desperate for money to repay her father’s debt, is unwilling to do the job as it involves lying to a dying man, something that she staunchly refuses to do. But when Seol Gongchan desperately begs her and she realizes she is somewhat indebted to him for not bringing her to the police after her little business in his hotel, she caves in and pretends to the long-lost granddaughter.


And so things seem to be going well, with the search for Gongchan’s long-lost cousin making progress and perhaps more importantly, the improvement of Gongchan’s grandfather’s conditions thanks to Yoorin. As Yoorin spends more time with Gongchan’s family, she gets showered with the love she never received as a child and finds herself drawn to Gongchan. She finds herself changing from the liar that she once was to a person who tries to tell the truth when she can. But she knows all too well that her one-sided love will never materialize as the difference in social status between Gongchan and herself is too big.

But unknown to her, Gongchan is also slowly being drawn to her…

 Pictures of MyGirl


Goong Chan the Director..and deeply love to Yoo Rin


The Casts of MyGirl Drama


The beautiful Yoo Rin

Gerrard and Torres

Liverpool FC is my favourite team of football sport in England’s club, let support to this team! wish these teams can win the EPL and Eroupean Cup in this season 2008/2009.


Official Website of Liverpool FC :,


Story of Liverpool FC

Liverpool Football Club are an English professional association football club based in Liverpool, England. Liverpool play in the Premier League, and are the most successful club in the history of English football, having won more trophiesFirst Division titles, and seven U Liverpool have won five European Cups, which is an English record. They have also won the League Cup a record seven times.


The club were founded in 1892, though they had limited success until the appointment of Bill Shankly as manager. Under Shankly Liverpool won three League Championship titles, two FA Cups and the club’s first European trophy the UEFA Cup. During the past 30 years they have been one of the most successful clubs in English and European football, winning four European Cups from between 1977 and 1984. The club experienced a lean period during the 90s, but enjoyed a revival following the advent of the millennium winning a cup treble in 2001, and the club’s fifth European Cup in 2005.


The club’s traditional colours were red and white, however this was changed to all red in the 1960s. Likewise the club’s crest has evolved throughout their history, with flames being added to the crest following the Hillsborough Disaster to honour the 96 Liverpool fans who lost their lives in the disaster. At the Heysel Stadium Disaster, 39 Juventus fans died when a wall collapsed after crowd trouble in the 1985 European Cup Final.

2007/08 Liverpool FC team

Liverpool have played at Anfield since their formation, although there are plans to move to a new stadium in Stanley Park, which is due to be completed by 2011. Liverpool have a large and diverse fan base, who hold a string of long-standing rivalries with several other clubs; the most notable of these is their fierce rivalry with Manchester United, due to the success of both clubs, as well as their proximity to each other. They also have a big rivalry with city neighbours Everton, with whom they regularly contest the Merseyside derby.

Club History
2008/2009 P 15 10 1 4 34 13 1
2007/2008 P 38 21 4 13 76 39 4
2006/2007 P 38 20 10 8 68 30 3
2005/2006 P 38 25 6 7 82 32 3
2004/2005 P 38 17 14 7 58 11 5
2003/2004 P 38 16 10 12 60 18 4
2002/2003 P 38 18 10 10 64 20 5
2001/2002 P 38 24 6 8 80 37 2


Skartel, Torres, Gerrard, Carragger and Babel..Support for Liverpool!

Current Squad
G1 Diego M Ryan Crowther
G42 Peter Gulacsi M Francisco Manuel Duran
G41 Martin Hansen M31 Nabil El Zhar
G30 Charles Itandje M35 Ryan Flynn
G25 Pepe Reina M8 Steven Gerrard
D5 Daniel Agger M Alexander Kacaniklic
D17 Álvaro Arbeloa M21 Lucas
D12 Fabio Aurelio M20 Javier Mascherano
D23 Jamie Carragher M16 Jermaine Pennant
D32 Stephen Darby M28 Damien Plessis
D27 Philipp Degen M Zsolt Poloskei
D2 Andrea Dossena M Ray Putterill
D Ronald Huth M11 Alberto Riera
D4 Sami Hyypia M26 Jay Spearing
D22 Emiliano Insua F Vitor Flora
D36 Steven Irwin F7 Robbie Keane
D45 Mikel San Jose F18 Dirk Kuyt
D34 Martin Kelly F29 Krisztian Nemeth
D Emmanuel Mendy F24 David Ngog
D37 Martin Skrtel F Dani Pacheco
M Astrit Ajdarevic F Marvin Pourie
M14 Xabi Alonso F Andras Simon
M19 Ryan Babel F9 Fernando Torres
M15 Yossi Benayoun  

2008/09 Leaders: Premier Leagues Statistics
Dirk Kuyt 5
Fernando Torres 5
Steven Gerrard 3
Robbie Keane 2
Alberto Riera 1
Xabi Alonso 1
PLAYER Yellow Cards
Álvaro Arbeloa 5
Steven Gerrard 2
Xabi Alonso 2
Jamie Carragher 2
Andrea Dossena 2
Javier Mascherano 2
· Complete Statistics

The Pictures of Liverpool


The Moment During Liverpool Won the UEFA Cup 2005


Celebrating Because Was Being the Winner of UEFA Cup


Fernando Torres..Liverpool New Dangerous Striker!


Official Website:


A story about love and heartbreak, sadness and self-preservation. A naive, cheerful albeit, somewhat of a recluse writer, Han Ji Eun (Song Hye Gyo) is swindled out of everything she owns. Not by strangers, but her best friends! Stranded in another country, she is determined to get home with the help of an actor, Lee Young Jae (Bi), only to find that all which is precious to her has been sold. In an attempt to get her possessions back, she has entered in a contract marriage with Young Jae. It is quite simple, until feelings start to develop. Everyone around them test the “love” Young Jae and Ji Eun have for one another, including Young Jae’s grandmother. In spite of it all, Ji Eun manages to be humorous and endearing – even when her heart is breaking.


Bi (Rain) as Lee Young Jae
Song Hye Gyo as Han Ji Eun
Han Eun Jung as Kang Hye Won
Kim Sung Soo as Yu Min Hyuk

The 3 Bears Song – Full House (Korean Drama Series)

Some Pictures


Romantik Moment between Lee Young Jae and Han Eun Jung


I love this Drama!

A naive, cheerful albeit, somewhat of a recluse writer, Ji Eun is swindled out of everything she owns. Not by strangers, but her best friends! Stranded in another country, she is determined to get home, only to find that all which is precious to her has been sold. In an attempt to get her possessions back, she has “sell her soul.”

A story about love and heartbreak, sadness and self-preservation. In spite of it all, Ji Eun manages to be humorous and endearing – even when her heart is breaking. This drama features diverse characters: considerate, caring, frank, patient, sticking to the life’s basic values. But no matter how different the personalities, everyone finds happiness in the end.


The four cast of Full House


Time Dorang gaduh2 ni..Very funny oo, so to find out wht is going to happen, just watch to Full House!


I am jelous oo looking at them..did you?


Even just a contract marriage, but they was fall in love deeply..The sweet marriage! happy wedding..hehe..:p


Aja Aja, Fighting! her trademark! don,t imitate ya..

sweet smile :-p ^_^


5 star of Korean Drama!


Happy Holiday to them..Have a nice trip ya..Lee Young Jae and Han Ji Eun..hehe..:p


The thumbnail of pictures which is the 1st chapter of full house..In this part, Lee Young Jae and Han Ji Eun was been, this is the innitial of Full House drama..Dont Forget to Wacht it ya!