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Category Archives: My Hometown


Kuala Penyu is just a small town..but got many intersting place at Pulau Tiga Resort, Sawangan Beach, Tempurung Beach and so on la..hehe..i know KP is my hometown..quite bored to be there if we dont have frend to meet and talk..

the-old-shopsa-view-of-kp other place sure didnt have like KP old shop rite..this is my frend say from KK said “Old Schoold Place” quite lonely oo..


the sign of Kuala there, many place got turtle rock..the biggest one is on round about (the road circle) near with my primary school that is SMK Kuala Penyu at Kg. there got three rock turtles because at that road circle got three junction..the one is to Menumbok, Beaufort and, wanna see the the rock of, let go there..just 2 hours from KK..hehe..