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this accident was occurred after the English mass had, many people was come to see what is actually has happen after get heard some accident sound on in front of Sacred Hearth road way..have u ever saw some accident b4?


very tense oo during that time..i oso got shock after saw the car was rotate many times..the sound of that accident was very scary me..but, thanx to God cz the victim of that accident was save..just got a bit injury..

See the pictures 1st ya..


Do you wanna help this Robot?


Plse..make some cintribution to him..


After u read his sign, then pay for he $1 ya cz u already been bet by him..hehe..:p


Pity to him..just get 1 sen oni..2lah, if want to be beggar, do some singing la bro..u kan rockers! hehe..:p


Look to his finger..macam black metal punya orang..dare u to donate?


Drunk effect..advise, don’t follow to his habit ya..didnt gud!


Just report to police la bro..wht u waitng for..didnt u love to ur wife?


HTML is language la bro! find some job la for ur food!


The easy way gigolo la..hehe..:p but to all my gentleman viewer, dont make my advise as ur part time ya..just kidding ba..


Inda payah research..datang ja p Labuan..byk montoko and beer d sana..murah2 g tu..ko mo pa? tapai?chivas?lihing? suka ko la mo pilih pa..tapi ko mo duit ba kan?erm, keja d Utama Jaya la, superstore famous d sana..hehe..:p