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Category Archives: Weird


see the both of that bus’s tyre..hehe..spilted already 00^^ be carefull ya..actually this bus i owez follow it go church at weekend..u know..during that time, i was in that bus funny..1st time i got saw this case..thnx to god cz i was save..


Cuba kamu tengok2 ni gambar..After that plse comment la even just a little bit..


Natural dress :p sure sajuk2 kan is comfortable if we wanna having some bath in open lake..then, lepas mandi p’lah berjemur macam c baju kuning tu..hehe..:p


Ui, pa orang tua buat ar? dare u? this is what we called it “the power of tongue” hehe..:p just kidding..


Sexy rite? bukan pa..just wanna to cut cost ba tu dorang..tapi, dorang memang ” aja aja fighting” and ” i wanna to move it..move it!” hehe..:p


The top 3 of sexiest wedding dress in the get the no. 1, pls comment these posts ya..hehe..:p


Ni la fesyen zaman sekarang..kalah2 g zaman dulu2 punya..makin seksi makin mengancam ba kan..itu saya bilang..kalau kamu bilang pa? jadi comment la ya..hehe..:P


If u wanna to enter into her inside..plse make a queue 1st ya..gelap tu, as my advise..pls bring a torch light ya..